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WikiLeaker a tool authored by Joe Gray to spider WikiLeaks for the presence of a domain (also available as a Recon-ng module) . | WhatsMyName]] a tool authored by Micah Hoffman to check for the existence of usernames across 200+ websites (also available as a Recon-ng module and a webapp) - jointly created by OSINT Combine .
TorBot a tool authored by DedSecInside that crawls the DarkWeb.
Infoga a tool authored by { | M4ll0k]] that gathers information based on email address or domain.
Recon-ng a multi-purpose OSINT tool created by Tim Tomes
TheHarvester a Swiss Army knife for OSINT against businesses authored by Christian Martorella
OSINT Framework a one-stop shop for finding OSINT tools and sites authored and maintained by Justin Nordine
iKy a Node-based tool that collects information from email and visualizes it authored by Kenn Bro
Creepy a Geolocation OSINT tool authored by Ioannis Kakavas

OPSEC & Privacy

Streisand Effect an ansible script that creates a proxy system in the cloud for a run-your-own VPN, Tor Bridge, and other things!
DECEPTICON Bot a tool authored by Joe Gray for the purpose of OPSEC or maintaining sock accounts on Twitter.
Fawkes is a tool to assist with 'Image Cloaking' to prevent the analysis of images in AI and Machine Learning. This is a project of SAND Lab and the University of Chicago.
Yubico hardware-based 2-factor authentication.

Sock Resources

TextVerified allows users to buy usage of phone numbers for text verification while signing up for social media accounts.

Social Engineering

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